Twitch launches Voiceworks #90 ‘Copy/Paste’ in Hobart 0 Comments

Twitch launches Voiceworks #90 ‘Copy/Paste’ in Hobart
Voiceworks #90 ‘Copy/Paste’ launches in Hobart with the help of Twitch!

Wednesday September 26 from 6.30pm
Salamanca Arts Centre
77 Salamanca Place, Hobart

Voiceworks #90 ‘Copy/Paste’ speaks the ‘Language of Dinosaurs’ through Broede Carmody’s velociraptor tongue. Meanwhile Andre Dao investigates the ‘Dead Heart of Australia’ and Stephanie Markidis writes ‘Postcards’. From Brisbane, Jack Vening promises that ‘This Will Make You Happy’.

Twitch, from the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre, brings young Tasmanian writers together. Teenagers through to thirty-somethings are welcome. It’s for everyone who has spent time staring at a blank page or flickering screen, and for everyone who has struggled to communicate why they feel the urge to write – and why this urge never goes away.
In this special Tasmanian launch event, the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre Twitch program will be helping us launch ‘Copy/Paste’ with a special panel session on how to get published. The session will see Cathy Tran representing the Voiceworks Editorial Committee, as well as James Klousia from Island Magazine and more to be announced.
Come along and help us launch ‘Copy/Paste’ in style! Set yourself a Facebook reminder here.
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