2012 John Marsden Prize Winners Announced 0 Comments

2012 John Marsden Prize Winners Announced

Boys and girls of all literary types could be seen putting on their fancy shoes for tonight’s Express Media Awards. It was an evening of laughs, free snacks and spot-the-author.

The winners of the 2012 John Marsden Prize were also announced. Check out Voiceworks #91 ‘=’ for the winning entries. We’re not going to lie – we think this issue looks super sexy. If it isn’t already on its way to your hungry letterbox, order your copy online.

You can also read the placegetters and highly commended stories and poems here.

Mr Marsden was blown away by the quality of writing in this year’s competition. He said the winning entries and placegetters were ‘all wonderful reads, and powerful evidence that the imaginations of young writers in the 21st century are not being destroyed by their interactions with virtual reality games, iPads and Facebook. In fact, is it possible that their imaginations are actually being enhanced by their electronic experiences?’

Didn’t submit to this year’s John Marsden Prize? That’s okay. Polish those poems and dress up your fiction, because next year the John Marsden Prize for young writers is turning ten (maybe we’ll finally learn how to tie up our own shoelaces). Expect great things.

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