Friday Writing Exercise 0 Comments

Today’s exercise is pretty simple. Remember how your English teacher would always say, ‘Write about what you know’? Today you’re going to do the exact opposite. Well, sort of.

Start off by brainstorming a list of things or topics you don’t know much about, but would like to research. Think of giant squids, how your food ends up on your plate or the logistics of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Make sure you use as many resources as you can – not just the internet. Try to find interesting snippets of information that you find random or entertaining, and build this into a story or poem. (Or why not write a nonfiction piece? We do love creative nonfiction here at Voiceworks.)

If your stuck for ways to start, you could always begin by writing: ‘Did you know that…’ and think of a different opening line later.

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