Friday Writing Exercise 0 Comments

For today’s writing exercise we’re going to focus on lists. Why? Because lists are amazing. Brigid Lowry is the queen of lists and, with a little bit of creativity, you can be too.

The great thing about lists is that the options are limitless. You could write a list of all the things in a character’s room, the number of times they’ve thought about certain things or the seven words they’ve most regretted saying to someone. Best of all they’re short, sharp and get the creative juices flowing.

Here’s an example from a novel that I never completely finished:

Ten things I would do if the world was to end tomorrow

Watch the last sunset

Rip up a handful of grass and let it float away in the breeze

Eat some dried pawpaw

Catch a ladybug and place it in an empty jam jar

Let the ladybug out of the jam jar

Write swear words in the air with a sparkler

Plant a lime tree

Finally clean out my underwear drawer

Bake a cake

Laugh at the madness of it all

Now write your own. Go on, it’s easy. Make the last line quirky, fun or sad. Write your lists on sticky notes and place them all over your room or dog for inspiration (seriously, though—don’t hurt your dog). Most of all, have fun.

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