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Friday Writing Exercise

Valentine’s Day gets mixed responses. On one hand, your Facebook feed will be overflowing with gushing messages and photos of people receiving flowers at work. On the  other hand there will always be those friends who write bitter status updates, frothing at the mouth whenever they come across anything red and / or vaguely shaped like a love heart.

So, with all this in mind, today’s writing exercise is about… you guessed it: Valentine’s Day. Write a paragraph about a character who utterly despises roses, tiny chocolates and postcards scribbled in barely-decipherable handwriting. Or write about a person who secretly loves everything Valentine’s Day stands for, but isn’t brave enough to act on their feelings. You could even write a poem, but instead of it being about two people, why not make it about two whales in love? A duck and a cat?It’s okay if you can’t help but scribble down a few cliches here and there. You can always edit them out later. For now simply put your feet up and scribble some words into a notebook. While you’re at it, could you pass the chocolates?

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