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Friday Writing Exercise

You probably know by now that Voiceworks has launched Voix, our little audiovisual baby. It’ll feature interviews with writers, editors and fun people kicking around in the publishing industry. In the first video we speak to Sam Cooney, editor of The Lifted Brow. You can check out Voix via this blog, or on our Vimeo account. We’re pretty excited.

In light of this, today’s Friday Writing Exercise is about working in an alternative genre or medium. We started Voix because there were stories we wanted to tell that weren’t necessarily going to work in written form. So get creative, kick off your office shoes. Go outside and take a photograph. Film a piece of rubbish floating in the breeze. Collaborate with a musician, an artist, an actor. Why not turn a short story into a short film, or a poem into an artwork?

Remember that submissions to the winter issue of Voiceworks close on March 24.

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