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Friday Writing Exercise

Today’s Friday Writing Exercise is based off Books They Gave Me. The blog is a space for people to write about books that were given to them by those close to their heart—former lovers, best friends, family. It’s also a real-life, physical book (you know, those things that aren’t quite the same as an iPad?).

The blog is quite an emotional read and yet refreshing at the same. It makes you wonder whether the second-hand books that line your bookshelf have passed from the hands of one lover to another, kept for a while before being thrown into the op-shop donation bin. It makes you rifle through your own collection and think about the books that were given to you—who gave them and what those people meant to you then as well as now.

Last month, Bethanie Blanchard wrote her own story about a book over at the Meanjin blog. Have a read, and then write your own. It doesn’t have to be about a lover (past or present). The point of the exercise is to recognise that books carry an emotional weight.

If you decide to publish your piece as a blog post, why not let us know by linking it to us on Twitter via the hashtag @VoiceworksMag? We might even republish it on Virgule.

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