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Friday Writing Exercise

Last weekend I went to the Clunes Booktown Festival in country Victoria. It was a fairly long drive – the scenery changing rapidly – but the one constant was the occasional smattering of road signs. They ranged from the usual (‘Go back’) to the more unusual (‘Beware of kangaroos’).

This got me thinking about road sign poetry. A quick Google search found a few interesting projects. Poet Rebecca Lowry experimented with road sign poetry and, in doing so, changed the pedestrian culture of West Hollywood. In New York, the line between actual road signs and road sign poetry became blurred in 2011 after haiku poets collaborated with artists.

It would be nice if a similar thing were to be done in Australia, wouldn’t it? In the meantime, though, how about you start writing some road sign poetry of your own? Jot down the words and phrases you see on the road signs in your area (you might need to walk down the street or go for a short drive). Then rearrange them into short poems. Experiment, be creative, have fun.

Just don’t write and drive at the same time.

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