Friday Writing Exercise: Music 0 Comments

Friday Writing Exercise: Music

We know you’ve been busy. What with winter colds, essays and exams to contend with, it’s hard to buckle down and write….But now is the time! Crack open the dusty tome of your journal or laptop and pump out some words!


Listening to music is a great way to get yourself motivated and and focus, as it cuts out external distractions and (unless you’re shuffling between metal and classical) can serve to keep your headspace consistent and in the right place to nail whatever it is you’re working on.


My favourite thing to tune in to is Broken Social Scene’s (2001, I know, old) album ‘Feel Good Lost’ – it puts me into a trance and I can focus for ages! Do some research and see if you can find something that puts you in the mood to write.


Here’s something to get you started.

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