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Colour Box Studio: A Community Creative Hub

Colour Box Studio opened up in Footscray late 2012 and has played host to a heap of fantastic creative programs. In the past they’ve focused on local handmade crafts, run an ethical and sustainable fashion show, held workshops on anything from nail art to film to flower arrangement to photography. Each month or two they switch it up and this time around the focus is on on writing and performance.

When I last checked in, Colour Box Studio featured a Community Reading Room designed by local artist Torika Bolatagici. In an interview you can read here, she discussed her goal to create a space that would be ‘a destination for research, community discussion and engagement around international visual arts and culture…The main aim of the reading room is as a research destination for researchers and artists from new and emerging diasporic communities in Melbourne. I often hear stories from fellow artists of Pacific and African descent who feel that there was no context for discussion around their work at University – which is often just dismissed as being ‘ethnic’. There is a real failure for people to see that much of this work that is dismissed as ‘identity art’ often refers to universal notions of place, identity and belonging, but can also provide an insight into our geopolitical concerns around environmental sustainability, human rights, globalization, migration and the preservation of culture.’

Currently, Colour Box Studio is set up as a Pop Up Book Shop that stocks books, zines, comics, DVDs, stationary, prints, journals, papers, gifts as well as a second hand book shelf. They’re also running a whole bunch of workshops and screenings on the side. What this space does best is allow itself to be constantly changed in order to embrace the creative needs of those who get involved. It’s a little insane, really, how much the studio is altered between my visits. I’m always pleasantly surprised and always keen to come back.

ADDRESS: 236 Nicholson Street, Footscray  and our visiting hours are here: VISIT


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