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Friday Writing Exercise: Image-spiration!








Stuck? Try finding some inspirimages – the internet is full of them!
This exercise was inspired by Visible Ink Mag‘s fantastic Sunday Writing Prompt.

You could also use the prompt below to get you started. Then send us what you come up with! We’d love to take a look…


All I can think is that the boss won’t be happy when I place a wet, disintegrating mess of financial report on her desk. Her desk – her desk that must also be subsumed in water. Her entire office, bursting at the seams with cool, fresh water. Washing out the stink of grubby carpet, disinfectant and orange peels. I wonder if she’s tall enough to still have her head above water. It’s getting pretty high now. The printers and computers are submerged. I can’t make her another copy, so this is going to have to be it. She’s wearing heels today. Lucky. Her head strains above the flow of water. I think she must be standing on something else too. I hand her the report. She smiles. It’s strained. I’m glad, today, to be a little taller than average. I stride, as much as one can stride through such a thick body of water, I look through the refraction at my desk. My mouse is floating. I bow my head, dip my tongue into the water and taste it. So sweet. Clear. I gulp it down, roll my cheeks in it. Dive in. Swim right out the door, and don’t look back.


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