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even in the dark by Rose Lucas

Rose Lucas’s debut collection, even in the dark, was released by UWA Publishing in July.

Lucas sits on my bookshelf among my other favourite contemporary poets: Claire Potter and Jo Langdon. The poetry in even in the dark is eloquent, graceful and enchanting. The way in which she formats individual poems is particularly pleasing.

I first stumbled across Lucas’s poetry while reading Meanjin. To this day, ‘Rays’ remains one of my favourite poems. The imagery of the stingrays’ wing-tips ‘cleaving the water like a dancer’s hands’ always manages to catch my breath. It is always refreshing when a poet can write about the natural world in a way that is not stale or marred by cliches. In ‘Heat Wave, Melbourne’  baby possums ‘squirm and cling / to … dead fur’, while in ‘Window’ the tide ‘tugs / and sighs against / the flank of patient night’.

Rose Lucas currently teaches poetry and editing at Victoria University. You can purchase even in the dark here.

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