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Friday Writing Exercise: Story Starter

Some book titles are so famous that they speak for themselves. Even if you’ve never read Hamlet or Lolita, you probably know what they’re about. This is why they work so well as Popular Penguins, with nothing but the title and the author’s name for adornment.


For this writing exercise, pick a title from the list below (or choose one of your favourites). Now think about that title for five minutes or so, writing down any associations that spring to mind. Next, try writing a synopsis for an original short story stemming from these associations.


–       A Clockwork Orange

–       A Room of One’s Own

–       Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

–       Atlas Shrugged

–       Frankenstein

–       Lord of the Flies

–       Naked Lunch

–       Nineteen Eighty-four

–       On the Road

–       One Hundred Years of Solitude

–       Romeo and Juliet

–       Story of O

–       The Picture of Dorian Gray

–       Ulysses

–       Wuthering Heights


How did you go? If you’re lucky, you might have something you like well enough to run with and turn into a story of your own.




Laura Elizabeth Woollett is a fiction editor at Voiceworks. She likes butterflies, lace, tarot cards and true crime. Find her here.

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