FAQs for State Rep Positions

It seems like everyone is as excited as we are to hear about the newly launched State Reps program for Express Media. We’ve been fielding heaps of questions here in the office, so we thought we’d put together a bit of a FAQ for everyone.

What is a State Rep?

A State Rep is the person who will help Express Media on the ground in their local community. We know there are tonnes of young writers out there itching to meet other local writers, take part in workshops or have Voiceworks events close enough to attend. Our State Reps will be there to help us make that happen. They’ll connect with writers centres, libraries, writing collectives, festivals and wherever writers are found to help young writers find new opportunities. Our State Reps will also have our support to apply for local funding for any ideas they want to get off the ground, and take part in regular mentoring and network building events. At a minimum, the State Rep will run one Voiceworks launch, a National Young Writers’ Month event and a Buzzcuts project in their year-long tenure.

What is Voiceworks, and what would a launch party generally entail?

Voiceworks is Express Media’s national quarterly magazine that celebrates the amazing writing talent of young Australians. Voiceworks acts as a platform to support young writers and the development of their literacy skills by showcasing poetry, short stories, articles, comics, and illustrations,

A launch party is a perfect opportunity to garner interest for Voiceworks because not only does it give you a chance to meet more writers, the event also brings together like-minded people who can then build a network and even collaborate, share ideas, and become inspired through the experiences of others. With that said, a launch party does require planned preparation beforehand – liaising with other similar organisations, spreading the word on all social media platforms, and doing in-depth research are just some of the many tasks you would undertake in order to make the launch party a resounding success.

Why is Buzzcuts important, and how does it benefit the arts community?

The main purpose of Buzzcuts is to provide daily reviews of Fringe events throughout festivals such as Melbourne Fringe FestivalAdelaide Fringe FestivalYou are Here Festival (Canberra) and the Fringe World Festival (Perth). The reviews cover comedy, theatre performances, magic shows, and much more.

Both Buzzcuts and the arts community work hand in hand and the program is mutually beneficial. Artists are able to gain further exposure for their work through the reviews, while Buzzcuts provides both support and platform for emerging writers to gain experience in arts reviewing. Through workshops and producing the reviews themselves, young writers are able to hone their writing skills. So it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Would we be working with the other State Representatives in our area?

Express Media has always prided itself in working as a team to get the best out of a project, and we certainly advise you as a State Representative to do the same. So in answer to this question yes, you would be working with the other State Representative in your area. We especially encourage teamwork when it comes to planning launch events or festivals, and even when you are trying to seek further opportunities for state and territory funding.

What would the newly forged partnerships mean for Express Media?

Creating partnerships with various youth organisations, councils, schools and universities is an excellent way to establish a support network not only for you and Express Media but for other writing organisations that wish to work more on a national scale.

Apply to be a State Rep here.



Aleczander Gamboa is a freelance writer who is frequently published in The F, Couturing, and The Trend Spotter. He also regularly contributes to Monash University’s student magazine Esperanto. Find him here

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