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Enter the world of Voiceworks-stagram

Ooh now looky here. Voiceworks is launching its own Instagram. But why we hear you ask? What purpose would it serve other than being an archive of mediocre in-jokes?

Well, no. Let’s get that straight.

If you’ve ever wanted to look into the archive of Voiceworks’ visual art then our Instagram’s for you. If you’re looking for the next Katie Parrish, Minna Gilligan, or Tracey Emin, follow us and you’ll be just like them. We’ll be posting visual art from our past issues over coming days, weeks, and months. So for most of you able to submit, see what our visual art predicted beyond the year 2000.

Also, please hit up friends who make art (we know they’re out there, they don’t all just hang out at launches). We don’t subscribe to the stereotype that all writers/creatives are hermits who work at the eleventh hour. So please, next time you’re out, mention that there’s this sexy new Instagram friends can follow.

Also. Did you know that we actually pay contributing artists?


But sure, we’re not going to rule out the fact that crazy things might happen in our office that we might want to post, but come on, we’re a bunch of word nerdz (What’s the worst that could happen?)

So please. Beckon from the Adelaide Hills, shout from Brisbane’s treetops, just get on a fixie and ride like there’s no tomorrow: for Voiceworks’ Instagram is here.

Follow us @voiceworksmag, plz.

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