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Stilts IV – Chat with Katia Pase

Poetry EdCommer Izzy Roberts-Orr chats to Stilts Editor Katia Pase about their upcoming brunch launch, innovative format and exciting new art.

Tell us about Stilts and what your role is within it.

Stilts is a literary collective that kinda does whatever we want it to do. It has been and is: a journal, a website that publishes mostly young writers, the host of salon-type events, a festival curator.

I’m the editor of the journal; I coordinate that part of our program, and I help out wherever else from time to time too.

14384_874403749276822_1946889715522090756_nThe cover artwork for ‘Stilts IV’ looks incredible! Could you tell us a bit about the artists? How did you find them?

Eeeeeeeeee I’m so excited about the design of this issue! The covers and illustrations are by Sydney artist Nadia Hernandez. I wanted to commission portraits of each of the contributors (the portraits are embedded in the covers and featured inside the journal too!), and I wanted someone with a bold style, to counter the clean-kinda simplicity of the typesetting.

I’d seem some of Nadia’s work before and adored it, but it was our designer Jack Dunbar who got her involved with Stilts IV. Jack’s from Sydney too. He crashed at my place a couple times last year, that’s how I met him. I visited Sydney at the end of last year and asked him to design Stilts IV when we were out drinking beer and probably he said yes because he wasn’t sober.

‘Stilts IV’ is an ambitious project, in that it comes in 4 separate volumes – how did you decide upon this inventive format, and why did you decide to go in this direction?

Stilts IV was always going to be four longform pieces, basically because that’s what I was keen to read. And because we were creating something physical to exist in analog space, I wanted the thing to suggest a kind of slowness, a sense of depth not brevity, and that’s why the four individual volumes. I wanted this journal to feel uncluttered, and I wanted to give each contributor space and support to develop a really excellent piece of work.

‘Stilts IV’ is launching on the 29/11 in Melbourne, and the 7/12 in Brisbane. What can we expect to find at the launches?

On Election Day in Melbourne we’re putting on a brunch cafe in a Brunswick backyard. We just put final touches on the menu and I’m hungry. It’s gonna be super chill – nice food, music, some beers in the sun. Everyone is welcome!

Then next weekend in Brisbane we’re throwing a trivia afternoon hosted by Stilts guys Jack Vening and Ryan Sim and tbh I don’t know what to expect from those two but I’ll be there and I’m sure it will be argumentative.

All details can be found from our Facebook page.

How can we get our hands on a copy of the new edition?

At the launches or online here. We’ll also be in select bookstores soon but for now come launch with us.


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