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For Kat

Today the literary world is struggling as one to find the right words to say to express our grief at the loss of Kat Muscat.

A talented writer and editor, Kat’s genuine concern for others came through in all aspects of her work and her personality. Kat started with Voiceworks at the age of 14, and was editor from 2012 to 2014. But these are just facts and figures. Impressive ones, but facts and figures can’t begin to describe to you the far reaching impact she had on the lives of so many writers. Not just those whose work she edited or selected, but those fortunate enough to be around her in the almost decade she dedicated to the magazine.

Kat was one of my first editors, and she was one of my good friends.

I’m sad about the people who won’t get the chance to experience her help, her laughter and her passion. I’m sad about all the words we are going to miss out on. Kat was knowledgeable and kind and irreplaceable. She is missed

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