Voiceworks Editor

F1000037Lucy Adams
(25) is the editor of Voiceworks, better known for hogging dip at committee meetings. Since moving to Melbourne from Perth, she has edited Buzzcuts and produced podcasts for the Melbourne International Film Festival, programmed for the Girls On Film Festival and studied honours at Melbourne Uni. In a former life, she was a published neuroscience writer and brain mapper. She still has an insatiable appetite for brains.





Voiceworks Designer

Lynley Eavis (24) is an illustrator-designer hybrid from Melbourne. She is the designer of Voiceworks and was previously an editor of Farrago, the University of Melbourne’s student magazine. Her illustrations have been published by The Canary PressThe Wheeler CentreVoiceworks and Maggie Journal. When she’s not on the prowl for people to join her coven, she can be found patting cats and eating more gluten than her body can handle. Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @lynleyclare.





Voiceworks Intern

jesJes Layton (21) is an emerging queer novelist and veteran fanfiction author. She’s interested in writing Australia as a mythic place, and geeks out about popular culture, mythology and things that taste ‘nice’. Along with having a BA in creative writing, Jes interned as Creative Producer for the Emerging Writers Festival in 2016. While reviewing, reading and gaming, Jes is also refining her debut novel for publication. Her short story Airport Pick-up was published in Others: An Anthology of Creative Writing (2015). She tweets from @JesonthePage.





Editorial Committee

JoshuaBarnes_HeadshotJoshua Barnes
(20) is a writer and editor from Melbourne. His work has appeared in Kill Your Darlings, The Suburban Review, Junkee, The Point, Voiceworks and on All the Best Radio. He is also a creative producer for the 2016 Emerging Writers’ Festival. He tweets from @j___barnes and instagrams garbage—literal and otherwise—from _joshuabarnes.






Scout Boxall (22) is a Melbourne-based writer and performer. Her work has appeared in The Saturday Paper, Maggie Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald and Scum-Mag. At any given point, you can find her burrowing away in the State Library, rehearsing for (yet another) show or binging on political podcasts.






Alexia Brehas (21) is an artist, graphic designer, art editor and ex-intern for Voiceworks. She has exhibited her work in galleries and has created a range of designs and illustrations for clients including Voiceworks and Express Media. She’s an active member of Melbourne Avo Watch, and only visits cafes that match her Instagram aesthetic. She mostly tweets about reality TV shows. @alexiabrehas.





KaterinaKaterina Bryant (22) is a writer and editor based in Adelaide. Her work has appeared in journals such as Voiceworks, Overland Online, Tincture and the Meanjin Blog. She edits nonfiction for Voiceworks and Antic and has read at The Wheeler Centre’s ‘Next Big Thing: Spotlight on SA’.  She spends her time napping and telling her dog how special she is (the answer is very). She tweets at @katerina_bry.






Emily Clements (24) is a jill of all literary trades. Her fiction earned the Melbourne Young Writers Award and her memoir was highly commended in the 2016 Scribe Nonfiction Prize—she particularly enjoys the ‘have you lived enough yet?’ conversation with old white guys. She’s been part of FCAC’s West Writers Group, the Toolkits Poetry Program and works as a captioner for broadcast television. She tweets Very Earnestly @Emily_Clementsy.






Ellen Cregan (23) is a poet, editor, bookseller and cat enthusiast from Melbourne. Her work has appeared in The Suburban Review, Feminartsy, In Brief and Farrago. Since completing an honours thesis on the unsung virtues of biographical poetry, she spends a great deal of her spare time trying to work out a seamless way to smoosh historical research and free verse together in new and exciting ways.






Emily Crocker (21) lives in Sydney, studies in Wollongong, and is an out Canberra-enthusiast. She predominantly writes poetry and is a wizard at getting work done on public transport.







Grace Finlayson (24) is a writer from Canberra. Her short fiction has been published in journals such as Voiceworks, Kill Your Darlings, Stilts, and The Other Stories. She has First Class Honours in creative writing from QUT and was the founding manager of The QUT Literary Salon reading series. In 2015 Grace travelled to New York and in 2016 she went to Tin House Summer Writers Workshop. She currently teaches writing to primary school students and you can find her on twitter/instagram @gracefinlayson.




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Holly Friedlander Liddicoat (24) has previously been published in Cordite, Otoliths, Seizure, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, the UTS Writers’ Anthology, Vertigo and Voiceworks. She edits poetry for Voiceworks and joins the UTS Writer’s Anthology editorial committee for 2017. She lives in Sydney.







Emma Jensen (22) is a writer and artist, currently based in Melbourne. She edits art and comics for Voiceworks. When she grows up she wants to be Jillian Tamaki. Or Helen Garner. Or Josephine Rowe. Or Frances from SuperMutant Magic Academy. She instagrams @emmaleejensen.







Caitlin McGregor (23) studies creative writing and literature at the University of Melbourne. She is the intern coordinator and social media manager at The Lifted Brow, and her writing has been published by Scum Mag, The Lifted Brow, Alien She Zine, The Bohemyth and elsewhere. She lives in Brunswick with her son and 300 matchbox cars. She does not like coriander. If you would like to adopt her coriander plant, DM her via twitter: @caitlinmcgregor.






Myles McGuire (22) is a Brisbane-based writer and QUT graduate with unrealised potential as a food blogger. His work has appeared in Voiceworks and Overland Online, though his primary form of creative output is the numerous novelty Instagrams he manages alongside his housemates. He is currently employed as a bookseller and media manager at Riverbend Books, an otherwise respectable business. He tweets sporadically as @mylesmcguire.






Clare Millar (19) is a poetry editor for Voiceworks. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Professional) at Swinburne University, double majoring in creative writing/literature and professional writing/editing. She is exploring how to read and write at the same time to achieve maximum literature input and output. She is the runt of the Voiceworks litter.






Adalya Nash Hussein (20) edits non-fiction for Voiceworks, studies maths at The University of Melbourne and regularly talks about books and music for SYN Nation’s Art Smitten. She tweets badly from @adalyanh, posts photos of herself at @adalya_ and can be seen in the background of a video clip from Anthony Callea’s Christmas album, which she played violin on.






Phoebe Paterson de Heer (24) is a writer, bicycle mechanic and wannabe farmer from Adelaide. She’s been published in Archer and Scum and Writers Bloc and got to yell about science with some cool people on panels at National Young Writers Festival in 2016. She makes nonfiction and memoir about endometriosis, evolution and eviscerating chickens.






Vince Ruston (21) is a writer, and editor based in Melbourne, studying at RMIT and currently a Creative Producer for the Emerging Writers’ Festival. When away from the desk they can be found in a library or crying over lingerie. They only wear black, and once tried to force themself to like black coffee, but they didn’t hate life that much. They have been published in Voiceworks, Scum-Mag, Writers’ Bloc, Rabbit Poetry Journal, Zo Universal and Feminartsy. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram (poetxtrees).





Mira Schlosberg (22) is a serious romantic and also a writer originally from Oregon and currently living in Melbourne. When not busy pining or writing stories about pining, Mira edits fiction for Voiceworks, makes zines, and tweets @miraschlosberg. One time Miranda July called Mira cute and life has not been the same since.






Fiona Spitzkowsky (24) is a writer, editor and theatre maker who sometimes does other things too. She was a creative producer for the 2015 Emerging Writers’ Festival, editor of Express Media’s 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival Buzzcuts program and works for  theatre companies Attic Erratic and Twelve Angry. She once wrote the phrase ‘crisis of paradoxical multiplicity’ and was relieved when no one asked what that meant.





cathy-131x198Cathy Tran (24) joined Voiceworks in 2009 as a sweet and shy little being. The committee took a tough-love stance towards her, forcing her to create an alter-ego named ‘Sassy Tran’. She’s travelled around a little bit to help run writing workshops and speak on panels but mostly she just spends her time drinking coffee and eating noodles. She’s currently learning about bones and muscles and now struggles to talk to people without analysing the shapes of their skulls.






Saaro Umar (24) is a writer and poet based in the ACT. Her work has been published in Australian Poetry, Haverthorn and Demos. You can slide into her DM’s at @saaroumarr.






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