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Voiceworks is a national, quarterly journal that features exciting new writing and art by young Australians. It is a unique opportunity for people (under twenty-five) to publish their fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art and comics. Voiceworks is produced entirely by individuals yet to hit the quarter century mark, and relies entirely on contributions from the readers to make up its content. Each selected piece goes through a collaborative editing process, and individualised feedback is provided for all unsuccessful submissions.

Submissions open for issue #107 ‘Relic’

We’re on the lookout for literary curios in the form of fiction, poetry, art, comics and, especially, distinctive and well-researched nonfiction. The theme for our Autumn 2017 issue is ‘Relic’. But you don’t have to stick to it—our motto is:
—themed work: good
—good work: better
—good themed work: BEST

Well, you’d better dig it up, then. Dig it all up, lay it all out, let us have it. Spend a Night at the Museum, steal the Declaration of Independence, bemoan the Australian film industry which has failed to produce a museum-based family comedy.

Tell your Gran you have to go. She puts down the receiver and you hear her sigh: three-decade old dust has settled in the electronics causing a five second delay before the line cuts out. You can make gifs with a boomerang but you can’t fix the guts of your old Gran’s phone.

You hold the flat tablet as if it is a football you have just caught, or a baby you have just caught, instead of a small object that has just been handed to you. Cobwebby cracks spin across the glass from its corners. Actual cobwebs cling to beveled edges.
“They used it to communicate with their gods,” he says. Ask him which gods.
“Memes, mostly.”
You stare upwards. Why is it that when we think about gods or things that we do not understand, we look up? Somewhere in the ceiling there is a colony of bats.


Voiceworks accepts fiction, poetry, nonfiction, artwork and comics by people under the age of twenty-five. We only consider previously unpublished work by writers and artists living in Australia or by Australians living overseas.

Fiction: Send no more than two stories, each no more than 3000 words

Poetry: Send no more than three poems, each no more than 100 lines

Nonfiction: We recommend that you pitch your nonfiction work before sending it to us. For advice on how to construct your pitch, and write good nonfiction in general, check out our handy nonfiction guide here. For completed work, send no more than two pieces, each no more than 3000 words.

Art and comics: We recommend that you pitch your comics before sending them to us. For advice on how to construct your pitch, check out our handy guide here. Please send no more than three artworks.

We encourage you to submit across genres, but please send us no more than four submissions in total (excluding visual art).


Nonfiction pitches and full written pieces are due Sunday 8 January, 11:59pm
Art and comics are due Sunday 5 February, 11:59pm

Rates of pay

$100 for written work or for one image
$150 for multi-page comics or suites of images

You’ll find further details by following the link below. Please read the information carefully and contact Voiceworks Editor Lucy Adams if you have any questions or concerns. Alrighty then, it’s time to submit!