Excerpt from comic by Finbah Neill in #106, 'Motive'.

Excerpt from comic by Finbah Neill in #106, ‘Motive’.

Voiceworks is eager to see comics submitted and to work with new comics artists. Many people think of Voiceworks as a place to publish (very good) writing, which is totally true—but we want to publish more visual art and comics too!

The best way to make sure your comic is suited to Voiceworks is to flip through some past issues of the mag. Some examples of comics artists we love (and who have previously been published in Voiceworks) are:

Tommi PG

Lee Lai

Chris Gooch

Finbah Neill

Before sending us your work, please keep in mind we print in black-and-white (greyscale) and our page dimensions are 170 x 245 mm—use this space wisely. Please supply your images at actual size and 300dpi.

As comics are a hybrid of narrative and art, we feel it’s a genre that greatly benefits from a pitching process. It’s totally a-okay to send us completed work, but pitching ensures you don’t commit heaps of time to a multipage comic that may end up not suiting Voiceworks. It also provides an opportunity to workshop ideas and approaches that (hopefully!) will then result in a more fully developed and refined piece of work. While we are not able to guarantee publication to all artists that go through the pitching process, as with nonfiction pitches, this approach gives submitters the best possible chance. Regardless, at the end you will have a polished comic to be proud of.

So, we reckon it should go something like this:

1. Submit a document containing a visually descriptive, basic idea. This should include a rough script and/or thumbnails, and intended number of pages. We tend not to publish comics over three pages long because of page restrictions, but we’ll make exceptions for exceptional work. To give us a sense of your visual style, include examples of previous work as attached documents or a link to your website or blog.

2. If we think your pitch is a good fit for Voiceworks, we’ll contact you with feedback, which you can use (or not) to and create a draft. We recommend that you draft your script and thumbnails simultaneously. This will allow you to keep an eye on the balance of the piece in both content and visual impact.

3. At this point, if we request the completed comic, it becomes a process of really refining your work. A deadline will be set for the final inked (or otherwise completed) version that reflects the Voiceworks production cycle. Questions, queries, suggestions and whatever will bounce back and forth until both the artist and editor are satisfied. This process—from pitch response to final comic—usually takes a few weeks.

We can’t wait to see your art! Head here to submit.