Voiceworks #100 ‘Catharsis’ / ‘To&Fro’Comments Off on Voiceworks #100 ‘Catharsis’ / ‘To&Fro’

Benjamin Law, Van Badham, Oliver Mol and Romy Ash are amongst eight remarkable writers who have joined in a collaboration for the 100th issue of Voiceworks, the national youth literary journal, launched on 29 May 2015.

VW-Alum-coverPublished by Express Media, Voiceworks is a compilation of poetry, short stories, nonfiction and visual art by people under 25 and has been the stomping ground for some of Australia’s best storytellers.

Past writers and editors have returned to Voiceworks’ pages for To&Fro, one half of the 100th (double) issue, as contributors and mentors to other young writers.

Elizabeth Flux, Voiceworks Editor, said ‘Having the opportunity to pair emerging writers with just some of Voiceworks’ many talented alumni to workshop their pieces is one of the most exciting things to come out of the 100th issue. What you see in the finished journal is just the tip of how much work, mentorship and guidance went into this collaboration.’

To&Fro is accompanied by a classic edition of vw100-coverVoiceworks as part of a special double-issue for the journal’s milestone. It presents eight pieces by emerging writers and eight original works by Voiceworks alumni Romy Ash, Van Badham, Tom Doig, Benjamin Law, Ainslee Meredith, Oliver Mol, Liam Pieper and Lorelei Vashti. It takes us from courtrooms to cross country competitions, spans Buzzfeed to beached whales and shines a light inside the experience of having an undiagnosed disease.

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