Voiceworks is now open for submissions to issue 117, Hum!

You are humming beneath your breath on the walk home, hoping the streetlights hear you. The night is cold but crickets trill in trees, high a capella vibrations that the wind carries with it. At the end of the street, motel sheets scratch against hipbones and hushed conversations huddle like ghosts. Maybe you’ll even press your face against the vending machine just to hear that low, fluorescent buzz.

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Along with the rage burns desire. Or maybe, desire is too soft a word. It is a molten, bubbling righteousness. In your bones and in your fingernails there is a reverberating sense of urgent need.

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EdColumn 1: Reading and Writing Without the White gaze

In this new column, members of the Voiceworks Editorial Committee will be highlighting creative roles, processes and communities within the publishing industry and beyond that are less discussed in traditional publishing education. For our first piece in this series, Adalya Nash Hussein looks at platforms focused on publishing and developing writers of colour.

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A Peculiar Type of Landlord

While those with money are given the time to deal with the pain of loss—a trauma that has been observed and recorded since as long as people could record—the poor are expected to mourn with their teeth bared, fending off vultures with hearts haemorrhaging.

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one of three fires

when I got to LA it was literally on fire and everything felt really purposeful. I’m not entirely sure what happened, I got into the habit of drinking a lot but I wasn’t sure I was having fun. I couldn’t stop staring at myself and going on dates…

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