Voiceworks Editor


Mira Schlosberg (24) is a writer, comics artist and editor. In addition to editing Voiceworks, they also edit comics for Scum Mag. You can find them on Twitter @miraschlosberg.

Voiceworks Designer

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Michael Sun (21) is a designer and writer from Sydney who loves beautiful dogs and ugly fonts. He’s been published in Overland, VICE, Hello Mr, JUNKEE, and the Sydney Morning Herald, and in 2017, he edited Honi Soit. He’s currently trying to remember the username of the One Direction fan Instagram he managed at the age of 15 to no avail. If you know it, tweet it to him @mlchaelsun.

Editorial Committee

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Chris Ebbs (24) works in publishing in Melbourne. She likes reading, listening to podcasts and eating cheese. She also really likes dictionaries. She almost never tweets @christineebbs.

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Maddie Godfrey (22) is a Perth-based poet, writer and educator. They have performed poetry at The Sydney Opera House, The Royal Albert Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral (London) and Glastonbury Festival (2017). Maddie’s publishing highlights include Westerly Magazine, Button Poetry, Scum Mag and Cordite Poetry Review. In 2018 Maddie’s debut poetry collection, titled How To Be Held was released by Burning Eye Books (UK). Currently Maddie is completing their Honours degree and working with Propel Youth Arts as the 2019 Creative Coordinator of Youth Week WA. Maddie is not a morning person.


Amie Green (23) edits poetry for Voiceworks. She’s an artist and writer studying a Masters of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing at Melbourne Uni. She’s a big fan of worms and at-home haircuts. Find more of her experimental content on Instagram @amiesgreenart.

Rory Green.jpg

Rory Green (23) is a writer/coder living in Sydney. They have been published in Rabbit and Plumwood Mountain among others, and are currently working on Otherwise Pokedex, a tinyletter aiming to publish a poem for every Pokemon. You can find them on Twitter @rorydoinstuff.

Madison Griffiths.jpg

Madison Griffiths (24) is a writer, artist and poet whose work has been published in VICE, SBS, Overland, Daily Life, Meanjin, Kill Your Darlings, Pedestrian, Catalogue Magazine, Catapult and Going Down Swinging, amongst others. She is also an online editor at literary youth journal Voiceworks. In March of 2018, she was the Victorian Women’s Trust resident writer and was shortlisted for the 2017 Overland Fair Australia Prize. Her work revolves predominantly around issues concerning women, mental illness, and race. She has spoken at writers festivals across the country, including the NGV Triennial, the Emerging Writers’ Festival (including the Digital Writers’ Festival), the Melbourne Writers’ Festival and the National Young Writers’ Festival.

Raelee Lancaster.jpg

Raelee Lancaster (24) is a poet, research assistant and creative producer based in Brisbane. Her poetry has been published in online and print publications including Overland, Rabbit, Scum and Voiceworks. In 2018, Raelee's poetry won the Nakata Brophy Prize for Young Indigenous Writers.

Sarah Layton.jpg

Sarah Layton (24) is a Melbourne-based writer, editor, illustrator and tea enthusiast. Her work has appeared in Farrago Magazine, Voiceworks, Phantasmagoria and Antithesis Journal, the latter of which she currently edits. She joins Voiceworks as a poetry and fiction editor and otherwise spends her time as a full-time plant mum and part-time publishing student. You can find her on the internet blogging about Australia’s publishing industry at and on Instagram @sarahloumary.

Wen-Juenn Lee.jpg

Wen-Juenn Lee (22) is a Melbourne-based writer from Wellington. She writes poetry, skateboards badly, and takes a lot of photos of trees @thewjfactor. She doesn’t believe in astrology, but she’s totally a Sagittarius.

Dani Leever.jpg

Dani Leever (24) is a writer and an anti-bullying workshop presenter from Melbourne Australia. They’ve been published in SBS Sexuality, JUNKEE, VICE,, Broadsheet and they’re the online assistant at Archer Magazine. They volunteer with headspace and Minus18 and they’re attempting to get a cracking DJ career happening under the name DJ GAY DAD. They like social justice, golden retrievers and friendship.

Clare Millar.jpg

Clare Millar (21) is a poetry editor for Voiceworks. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Professional) at Swinburne University, with a double major in Professional Writing/Editing and Creative Writing/Literature. She's been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Other Terrain, and Melbourne Noir cards. She's passionate about small publishers and has started a blog about entering the Australian publishing industry and tweets @claresmillar.


Adalya Nash Hussein (23) writes and edits nonfiction. Her work has appeared in Voiceworks, The Lifted Brow and Going Down Swinging. She has been one of EWF’s MRC Writers in Residence and a Wheeler Centre ‘Next Big Thing’. She is the Online Editor of The Lifted Brow and a nonfiction editor for Voiceworks.

Vince Ruston.jpg

Vince Ruston (24) edits poetry for Voiceworks and dabbles in writing across all forms. They also dabble in gardening, sewing, feminist philosophy and witchcraft. They live with their fiancée and two cats named Persephone and Vivienne. They have just completed their Honours in creative writing through RMIT university.

Magenta Sheridan.jpg

Magenta Sheridan (22) edits fiction for Voiceworks, is the Online Editor at Going Down Swinging and has just finished her honours thesis at The University of Melbourne. Her work has appeared in Feminartsy, Going Down Swinging, JUNKEE and Judy’s Punch, and she recently won the Melbourne Writer’s Festival Creative Writing Prize. She spends her time trying to turn her perpetually shady verandah into a garden, reading comics and following her cat around. You can follow her @magentasheridan on Instagram and Twitter.

Inez Trambas.jpg

Inez Trambas (19) is a Naarm based editor, writer, visual artist, and bookworm who is passionate about all things literature and is interested in how we use words to liberate ourselves. In 2017 she founded Negro Speaks of Books, an online platform created to host conversations about books written by authors of Colour. Inez also runs a monthly bookclub for readers of colour called the ‘Noble Savage Bookclub’.

LinLi Wan.jpg

LinLi Wan (19) is a Brisbane-based editor committed to supporting marginalised voices in the literary community. She edits fiction for Voiceworks and is currently a Law/Arts student at the University of Queensland. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing and trying every bubble tea shop in the reasonable vicinity.

Sanna Wei.jpg

Sanna Wei (20) is an editor and writer passionate about queer and Asian-Australian communities. Her memoir and fiction has been published by Black Inc, The Stella Prize, and Peril Magazine. When she’s not at the piano, she’s adoring her friends or admiring colours in the world around her. Sometimes, you’ll find her horizontal form prone over a desk, deep into queer theory, critical anti-racism, a med textbook, or most likely, deep in sleep. She tweets at @Sanna_Wei.

Amelia Zhou.jpg

Amelia Zhou (22) is a journalist and writer from Sydney. She has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, Resident Advisor, Concrete Playground and other publications. She recently completed her Honours thesis on Asian feminist speculative fiction and alternative futurities. She edits non-fiction for Voiceworks and occasionally tweets at @ameliazhou.