Pitch experimental digital-based writing to Voiceworks Online!

Log on. 30 minutes after school becomes three hours after midnight, bathing in a never-ending blue sunset. Conversations turn transcontinental. Learn to match the scream of the modem, sighing into the spiral of death as the video stops loading. Build a world in the box of electricity where you are someone else, somewhere else. And build another one. Scroll. Anarchic web nations lead armies to claim your time and your patterns. Forget the libraries of code washed away in slow digital tides. Scroll. Erect a shrine to all of your lost passwords. Scroll. In the future, which is today, this will all be robots, stuck in arguments with other robots. Scroll. Swipe into being.

Voiceworks Online wants your digital writing pitches! Whether you’re an experienced coder or brand new to digital writing, we are here to help!

What we want to read

Broadly, anything that can’t be printed. This includes, but is not limited to: interactive (non)fiction, videos, full-colour comics, animated comics, photo essays, code poetry, bots, computer-generated text, narrative games, image macros, personality quizzes, podcasts, visual essays, data essays, spoken word pieces. Think hyperlinks, GIFs, chat logs: multimedia and massively online.

How we can help

Trying new forms of writing can be daunting, so we’re here to help you regardless of what stage you are at. We can help you by:

  • Suggesting tools/technologies/formats to realise your digital vision for a piece

  • Pointing you in the direction of tutorials and tech support for a given technology

  • Fine-tuning an existing piece

  • Giving feedback on an idea in general

Finer details

 Please include in your pitch some or all of the following:

  • A rough estimate of length/duration etc

  • Description of the piece/themes and what you want to achieve

  • Why you’re the person to write it 

  • A rough framework of how you want the piece to be formatted (content-wise and/or structurally)

  • A writing sample of about 300 words (this can be digital writing but doesn’t need to be)

  • Any particular issues or questions you have for developing this


Tuesday July 30, 11:59pm

Rates of pay

$100-$150, depending on length and format